Air Filter Subscription: Save Time and Money

With an air filter subscription, you get your air filters right to the door when you want them!

The air filter subscription is the latest in the growing trend of having razors, underwear, books, meals, and just about any other home necessities delivered right to the door on a schedule that you control.

These subscriptions can help add variety to life and eliminate the drudgery of menial tasks. The CleanerFilters.com subscription air filter delivery service manufactures our air filters in the U.S., and ships direct to customers. This lets us stock more filters than you will find at the store, it drastically cuts costs, and helps to free up your time to do the things you want. If you want to save money and add convenience, sign up today!

Not familiar with an air filter subscription? It’s easy to get started. Use our guide below to start having air filters delivered to your door on a schedule that fits your life.

Step 1: Choose Your Size

First, select the air filter sizes your need. You will have the option to select more than one size.

If you are unsure what size air filter you need, start by removing the air filter from your heating and cooling system, or wherever they are installed. Look for a sticker or printing that has the measurements. If you cannot find either of these, you can either measure the air filter with a ruler, or you can measure the space where you put the air filter.

For a complete rundown of the different ways to find the size you need, check out our guide: Air Filter Sizes: Measure Once and Buy Faster.

Step 2: Select The MERV Rating That Fits Your Needs

The MERV rating explains how well the filter can reduce particles of different sizes. The lower the MERV rating, the less the filter will reduce but the higher the flow of air through the filter. The opposite is true for higher MERV rating. A higher MERV rating means the filter will reduce a greater number of smaller particles, but air flow will be reduced.

So what is right for you? For an overall balance between air flow and containment reduction, we suggest a MERV 11 air filter. If you currently use a fiberglass air filter, which is typically rated at MERV 1-6, or have never used an air filter before, we recommend choosing a MERV 8 air filter. Once you run out of these filters, decide if you want to step up to a MERV 11 filter.

If you have serious allergies and your heating and cooling system are powerful enough to move air through a higher rated filter, choose MERV 13. You can learn more about these ratings with our guide: Air Filter MERV Ratings Guide: What Should You Buy?

Step 3 and 4: Choose The Quantity and Schedule

Air filters last between 30 and 90 days, depending on your indoor air quality. To figure out how often you should replace your air filter, check the air filter every 30 days. If the filter material appears free of dust and isn’t discolored, keep it in service for another 30 days, then check it a final time before replacing it by the end of the third month.

If your air filters last 90 days, and you want a year supply of air filters, select a 4-pack and a 365 days delivery schedule. This means that one year from the day you order, another 4-pack will arrive. After you order, you can change your delivery schedule and quantity.

Learn more about why replacing air filters at regular intervals matters with our guide: Why Changing Your Air Filter is Important.

Your Air Filter Subscription Will Begin Shipping Soon!

It’s that easy! Once your air filter subscription is set up, your air filters will begin shipping. Access your account at any point to make changes to future orders.

Once your new air filters arrive, make sure to leave them in their protective plastic wrap until they are installed. Our pleated air filters contain an electrostatic charge that naturally attracts dust, lint, and other airborne contaminates. Without this protective wrapping, the air filter will begin filtering the air and become dirty before you have a chance to use them.

When it is time to replace old filters, carefully remove them so you don’t loosen any dirt, then place the new filter in its place. Your air filter is now working to improve air quality and protect heating and cooling equipment from dust, debris, bugs, and animals.

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